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As a first step of reorganisational counselling, we examine the suitability of the given company for reorganisation. In order to achieve this, we set up a so-called diagnosis about the state of the given company, exploring the sources of losses and determining the company's ability to change. We also examine the company's ability to undergo reorganisation based on the fulfilment of its financial obligations. In the framework of this, we determine the range of unexploited assets, we examine the company's liabilities, the development of the liquidity indicators, the issues related to the inventory and the possible forms of additional fund requirements necessary for reorganisation.
We take part in the preparation of the action plan aimed at the utilisation of the reorganisation ability. In the course of this, we determine the strategic points constituting the main direction of the therapy derived from the company diagnosis, and we also work out the action plans required for reorganisation. After the planning phase, we contribute to working out the implementation programme of the reorganisation, and we make a proposal for the projects of the implementation programme and we also provide help in their organisation.

In case of enterprises in a highly critical financial position, we process all the data and available information regarding any liabilities and creditors in order to create a temporary financial "protective shield", and we make a proposal for freezing the outstanding debt, and we take part in the reconciliation with the creditors, and we also undertake to restore spoilt relationships with any suppliers and/or clients.
We undertake to provide information to the owners, and Boards of Directors about the financial position of the enterprise and the possible alternatives.
In case of companies in a highly critical financial position, we prepare a plan for the financial restructuring and resource management necessary for the restoration of solvency and for long-lasting financial stability.
In case of applying a bankruptcy procedure as a financial "protective shield", our company prepares all the documents required to commence a bankruptcy procedure, and it also organises a meeting for creditors in order to obtain a moratorium, and prepares a proposal for composition with the creditors as well as a programme aimed at restoring the solvency of the enterprise.


ASSET CONTROL, LIQUIDATION We provide asset controlling tasks based on statute ILyear 1991 (bankruptcy law) amended many times and on the basis of the appointment of the Metropolitan and/or County Courts, in the course of which we think it is of utmost importance that we abide by the relevant regulations, and we preserve the debtor's assets for the creditors and help in the preservation of the solvency and viability of the debtor, thereby also retaining workplaces.
Csabaholding Service Providing Ltd, as an insolvency organisation registered in the Register of Insolvency Companies, provides liquidating tasks based on the appointment of the County Courts throughout the whole country. Consequently, we provide all the administrative and substantive tasks of the insolvent companies according to the Bankruptcy Law without any territorial or sector wise restrictions. Among our assignments, we have enterprises kept in operation under liquidation, as well as cases where the financially pressed company was preserved by means of a composition made in liquidation. Our company has had outstanding results in respect of recuperating the assets fraudulently salvaged from the debtor's estate.
Csabaholding Service Providing Ltd, as a member of the Hungarian Association of Insolvency Practitioners and Asset Controllers provides its service on the basis of the professional recognition of the appointing County Courts and with a view to the Code of Conduct of the Insolvency Practitioners.
Csabaholding Ltd is the market leader in respect of conducting cross-border insolvency proceedings related to Hungary, and is the only company, which was assigned to liquidate an enterprise registered in another state of the European Union. Moreover Csabaholding Ltd has been the liquidator of several secondary insolvency proceedings, which were conducted pursuant to the European Council Regulation No 1346/2000.



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